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Our Services and Activities

At Badr we offer many options and services for members of the community to get involved. Below are some of the services. The Imam is also available for any additional requests. 
Qur'an Classes

Qur'an classes are offered to the community members. Days and times vary to accomidate the community schedule.

Study Hall

Masjid Badr is open for families to bring their child to a quiet place to do their homework and study. Also during those hours the Imam is available to help with Islamic studies and Quran lessons.

Daily Prayers

The masjid is open for the five daily prayers. You can find the iqama times on the home page. During Ramadan, night prayers are offered at the masjid for the community. 

Islamic Lectures
Weekend School
Youth Group

The youth are the future. At Badr the youth are active. Weekly circle to talk about islam and learn more. Throughout the year the youth have events that include sleepovers at the masjid for iqyam-allayl. Also, trips to different parks in the state for more outdoor exposure. 


Islamic studies is offered to the parents to bring their childern on Sunday to learn at a young age about Islam and the Arabic language. Also, reading and memorizing the Qur'an. 

Knowledge is the key bases to grow and nourish the community. At times Short lectures are provided after fajr and isha prayers. Longer lectures are provided during the weekends after between majrb and isha, also after Isha. Special guest speakers from the global Muslim community visit for in depth lectures on varies topics. 


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